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Unclassified Program

MILCOM 2003 Deadlines

Abstracts Due: CLOSED
Draft Papers Due: CLOSED
Author Notifications: COMPLETE
Final Papers Due: 30 June 2003 Extended to July 15, 2003

Instructions for preparing and submitting papers to the Unclassified Program

Abstracts (Abstracts due 14 Feb 03)

All abstracts and titles must be unclassified. All abstracts must be submitted electronically through the Web Abstract Management System (WAMS). WAMS will assign a Paper Tracking Number(PTN) to each abstract. (The PTN is identical to the Abstract ID#.) Abstracts should be concise (less than one page) and must provide enough information for the abstract to be assigned to a specific session.

Draft Papers (Draft Papers due 1 Apr 03)

The preferred format for Draft Papers is a single-column, double-spaced format. Please include your PTN on your Draft Paper.

Unclassified papers should be suitable for unlimited distribution in the public domain. They should be submitted electronically in pdf format on the web site using WAMS. Unclassified papers in Microsoft Word format may be emailed to the WAMS webmaster at The webmaster will convert the file to pdf format and submit it into WAMS for review.

Final Papers (Final Papers due 30 Jun 03)

Authors who have been notified that their paper is accepted should follow the format for final papers specified in the Unclassified Authorís Kit, which will be available soon (please check back):

Author's Kit for the Unclassified Program

Examples are available in the Author's Kit to assist you in meeting these formatting requirements. The Author's Kit for the Unclassified Programs contains several forms that are required at the time of Final Paper submittal. These forms must be mailed when the final paper is submitted. Papers for which any required form is missing will be excluded from the final program, and presentation will not be allowed.


Presentations for the Unclassified Program must include only unclassified printed material suitable for unlimited distribution in the public domain. Presentations should be submitted in advance to: File size may be no greater than 5 MB. Deadline for advance submission is Friday, September 12, 2003. The presenter should also bring an electronic version (either PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat.pdf) to the conference. A Windows2000 machine will be available to upload files from disk, zip disk, or CD.

Unclassified Program Contact Information