We salute and thank the industry, academic, and government technical experts from both the U.S. and countries around the globe who have been selected to present at MILCOM 2007.

  Technical Paper Submissions (Unclassified)

Final Full and Camera Ready Unclassified Technical Papers Are Due:  5 September 2007

Final camera ready paper should be submitted using the Web-based Abstract Management System (WAMS). Use the Paper ID# and password to upload papers and change author information.

Final presentation material must be uploaded using the Forms login.

The Unclassified Author’s Kit provides instructions to authors for preparation of the full and final camera ready papers.

Note:  The final paper must not contain any ITAR-related, classified, or proprietary information. It is the author's responsibility to obtain and provide the relevant approvals for public release of both the full papers and final camera ready paper.

Unclassified Technical Program Contacts:

Dr. Vitas Mikenas

Dr. Sastri Kota


  Technical Paper Submissions (Classified)

Final Full and Camera Ready Classified Technical Paper Are Due:  5 September 2007

All persons participating in the Classified Technical Program must, at a minimum, possess a current SECRET personnel security clearance and be a U.S. citizen. Non–U.S. originated papers will NOT be accepted for the Classified Technical Program.  Do not use WAMS to submit full or final camera ready papers for the Classified Technical Program.

All full and final camera ready papers for the Classified Technical Program must be prepared following the instructions and formatting guidelines in the Classified Author’s Kit.

Have your Document Control office mail three (3) hard copies or three (3) CDs (Adobe PDF format preferred) of your full paper via U.S. Registered Mail or U.S. Express Mail by April 20, 2007 to:

Harris Corporation
ATTN: Document Control/MILCOM07
Government Communications Systems Division (GCSD)
PO Box 37
Melbourne, FL 32902

Classified Technical Program Contact:

Classified Document Control Contact:

Terry Casto

Al Frankel

  Tutorial Program (Unclassified)

The Unclassified Tutorials Kit provides the applicable forms and the formatting guidelines for the tutorial material.

Tutorial Program Contact:

Rich Folio

  MILCOM Panel Program (Unclassified and Classified)

The technical program is the foundation of the MILCOM 2007 conference and the downselect for the 2007 panel programs is complete. The technical chairs are now working closely with session organizers and panelists from a broad range of industry, military, government and global communications experts to address this year's theme of Interoperability: Policy to Performance. 

Required forms for participation in the classified panel program are accessible by using the LOGIN.  The LOGIN database provides a real-time report on your required forms completion status.  Samples of the required forms are shown below to illustrate the information needed (please access the LOGIN site to complete the actual forms).

Unclassified Panel Program Contact:

Classified Panel Program Contact:

Leo deCardenas

Terry Casto