P. Timothy Hartsfield

Dr. Vitas A. Mikenas
Chairperson, Technical Programs

Dr. Vitas A. Mikenas is director of advanced programs for Harris GCSD with responsibility for providing guidance and oversight to large, critical, division communications and processing system pursuits. Dr. Mikenas has published numerous technical communications articles and presentations and is a member of IEEE. As a member of the Harris Executive Committee and as technical program chairperson for MILCOM 2007, Dr. Mikenas has overall responsibility for developing and facilitating the conference technical programs.

Robert E. Wynn

Dr. Sastri Kota
Chairperson, Unclassified Technical Programs

Dr. Sastri Kota is a senior scientist with Harris Corporation and is an international expert in IP-based satellite communication networks and a communication systems leader in next generation network architectures. In addition to his work for Harris, Dr. Kota leads and contributes to communications and networking standards on satellite and heterogeneous network systems in organizations such as ITU, IETF, and IEEE; as well as being a USA chair contributor to ITU-R WP 4B on Satellite IP Quality of Service (QoS) and multicast standard development activities. Dr. Kota is a Harris technology ambassador and has published 120 research papers in IEEE/AIAA international conferences and journals, authored a book on Broadband Satellite for Internet access, co-edited a book on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, and chaired key conferences, e.g., MILCOM, GLOBECOM, ICC, and ISWPC. He is a senior member of IEEE, an Associate Fellow of AIAA, and a member of ACM. In his capacity as the unclassified technical program chairperson for MILCOM 2007, Dr. Kota is instrumental in overseeing coordination of the Web-based Abstract Management System, unclassified author’s kit, selection and management of unclassified abstracts and papers, developing the tracks and sessions for the conference, and coordinating inputs and forming the selection committee for the Fred W. Ellersick Award for Best Unclassified Paper.

P. Timothy Hartsfield

Terrence L. Casto
Chairperson, Classified Technical Programs

Terrence L. (Terry) Casto is director of strategic initiatives for Harris Corporation; his expertise is focused on enterprise architectures and IM/KM solutions for Harris GCSD. Mr. Casto has over 35 years of experience in C2 and intelligence systems. He sits on the AFCEA Executive Committee and is a member of the AFCEA Intelligence Committee, as well as a member of AFA, AUSA, and INSA. As chairman of MILCOM 2007 classified technical programs, Terry is working with the MILCOM 2007 technical team to evaluate abstracts and organize the papers into coherent technical sessions.

P. Timothy Hartsfield

Richard J. Folio
Chairperson, Tutorial Programs

Richard J. (Rich) Folio is chief architect, DoD Systems, for Harris Corporation and leads a number of initiatives related to advanced network communications and technologies for military applications, including development of next-generation architectures to support network centric operations, technology planning, and business strategy for Harris GCSD and the RF Communications Division. Mr. Folio represents Harris in major technical forums including the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC). He has authored numerous publications and earned multiple patents and awards both inside and outside of Harris. Most recently, he was the chairperson for the MILCOM 2006 tutorial program. In his role as tutorial programs chairperson, Mr. Folio will organize and oversee the specialized tutorial programs for MILCOM 2007.

P. Timothy Hartsfield

Leopoldo deCardenas
Chairperson, Panels Program

Leopoldo (Leo) deCardenas is director of business development, Defense Communications Systems, which encompasses ground, sea, air, and space systems including satellite communications, data links, integration, and command and control systems across the Department of Defense. Having completed a career of over 29 years in the Navy including assignments in joint and foreign service, Mr. deCardenas is dedicated to making certain the most dependable and reliable systems are made available to the warfighter ensuring multiservice and coalition interoperability. He enjoys maintaining close ties with the services through memberships in AFCEA, NDIA, U.S. Naval Institute, Surface Navy Association, Navy League, AUSA, and AFA. Mr. deCardenas is serving as the panels program chairperson.