MILCOM 2007 Presentation Downloads

MONDAY, October 29
9:00 a.m.
Keynote Address: SATCOM in Support of the Warfighter
  MG Jeff Sorenson (Presentation)
Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
CIO/G-6 Nominee
9:30 a.m. Defense Forum—Meeting the Warfighter’s Interoperability Requirements
  Maj Gen William M. Rajczak, USAF (Presentation)
Deputy Director, Joint Capability Development (JFCOM)
  MG Barbara Fast, USA (Presentation)
Deputy Director and Chief of Staff
Army Capabilities Integration Center (TRADOC)
  Dr. James T. Blake (Senior Executive Service) (Presentation)
Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation,
Department of the Army
  Mr. Marty Westphal (Presentation)
Executive Director, C2 Integration Division
Marine Corps Combat Development Command
2:45 p.m. Defense Forum—Interoperability Policies and Practices
  Lt Gen Charles E. Croom, Jr., USAF (Presentation)
Director–Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  Lt Gen Michael W. Peterson, USAF (Presentation)
Chief of Warfighting Integration/Chief Information Officer,
Office of Secretary of the Air Force
TUESDAY, October 30
9:15 a.m. Defense Forum—Homeland Security and Disaster Recovery Interoperability Challenges
  BG Henry C. McCann, DEARNG (Presentation)
Commander, 261st Signal Brigade
  RADM Dave Belz, USCG (Ret) (Presentation)
Vice President, Strategic Programs, BAE Systems
(Former Assistant Commandant for Operations, USCG)
WEDNESDAY, 31 October
9:15 a.m. Defense Forum—Coalition and Joint Interoperability: Solving the Policy, Technical, Procedures and Operational Issues
  VADM Nancy E. Brown, USN (Presentation)
Joint Staff Director–Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems (C4 Systems) (J6)