Publicity Chair Contact:
Mr. Sleighton Meyer

Harris Corporation, GCSD
  Publicity Co-chair Contact:
Ms. Tobey Jackson

AFCEA International
Media Policy
  • Media are invited to attend the MILCOM 2007 unclassified program and the exhibits as guests of the sponsoring organization. Media are not permitted access to any MILCOM Classified Program activity. A pressroom and publicity coordinators will be available to assist the media.
  • Media representatives must register to attend the session, present valid credentials (photo ID, Congressional Gallery Pass, Pentagon Press Pass or equivalent) and their visit must be coordinated with the MILCOM publicity staff. International media representatives must be certified/registered with the Department of State.
  • Photographers and videographers are required to wear a wristband and have an escort into the sessions and exhibits. If on assignment for another publication, freelancing or researching, an explanatory letter from the publication's editor must be provided.
  • Media representatives wishing to attend a keynote session should advise the publicity coordinator so that proper arrangements can be made and proper protocol followed.
  • Unclassified public domain panels and tutorials are open to the media and may be recorded as long as the proceedings are not disturbed. Interviews may be conducted subsequent to the sessions at the discretion of the panelists.
  • Soliciting or accepting orders for any product or service, including advertising space in the exhibit hall or any other part of the MILCOM area is prohibited. Distribution of a media outlet organization's publications or other promotional material is prohibited.
  • MILCOM reserves the right to restrict or revoke media access privileges to this event if members of the press fail to follow the press guidelines provided upon registering for the event, during the media orientation briefing or inappropriate conference behavior determined by the MILCOM Executive Committee. All members of the media will be treated fairly and equitably at MILCOM 2007.