MILCOM 2007 Speakers Agenda

MILCOM 2007 promises to offer an exciting line-up of military, civil agency, and industry leaders discussing the pressing communications interoperability issues facing us in the 21st century. This year's defense forums will address wide-ranging topics including the warfighter's interoperability requirements, policies and practices, homeland security and disaster recovery, information assurance within federal, state, and local civil agencies, and coalition and joint interoperability issues.

Note: Speaker confirmations are subject to operational considerations at the time of MILCOM 2007.

Frederick W. Eisele
Chairperson, VIP Speakers Program


  MONDAY, October 29
8:00 a.m. Welcome and Theme
  Mr. Howard Lance (Biography)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Harris Corporation
  Mr. Kent Schneider (Biography)
President and CEO–AFCEA International
8:30 a.m. Keynote Address
Keynote Speaker:  
MG Jeffrey Sorenson, USA (Biography)
Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
CIO/G-6 Nominee
9:30 a.m. Defense Forum—Meeting the Warfighter’s Interoperability Requirements
Interoperability is key to the warfighter’s ability to dominate the battlespace. We must enable the Joint Force to have leader-centric operations—anytime, anywhere, at every echelon, that increases combat capability and mission effectiveness. This forum will address the ongoing and future efforts to achieve this imperative.
Maj Gen William M. Rajczak, USAF (Biography)
Deputy Director, Joint Capability Development (JFCOM)
Mrs. Cindy Moran, SES (Biography)
Director, Network Services, DISA
  MG Barbara Fast, USA (Biography)
Deputy Director and Chief of Staff
Army Capabilities Integration Center (TRADOC)

Dr. James T. Blake (Senior Executive Service) (Biography)
Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation, Department of the Army

  Mr. Marty Westphal (Biography)
Executive Director, C2 Integration Division
Marine Corps Combat Development Command
12:15 p.m. Luncheon and Executive “Fireside Chat"
Mr. Robert K. Henry (Biography)
Chief Operating Officer and
Executive Vice President, Harris Corporation
MILCOM 2007 Executive Chair

Executive Speakers:  
The Honorable John G. Grimes (Biography)
Assistant Secretary of Defense Networks and Information Integration and DoD Chief Information Officer

The Honorable Dale W. Meyerrose (Biography)
Associate Director of National Intelligence and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

2:45 p.m. Defense Forum—Interoperability Policies and Practices
Some of the greatest obstacles for achieving interoperability are existing regulations policies and practices. Among the issues addressed in this forum will be how to identify the steps necessary to ensure that we establish policies and practices that will facilitate rather then hinder interoperability.
Lt Gen Charles E. Croom, Jr., USAF (Biography)
Director–Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
RDML (Sel) Sandy Daniels, USN (Biography)
Director, Space & Network Warfare Program N6R
  Lt Gen Michael W. Peterson, USAF (Biography)
Chief of Warfighting Integration/Chief Information Officer,
Office of Secretary of the Air Force
  Mr. Vernon M. Bettencourt (Senior Executive Service) (Biography)
Deputy Chief Information Officer/G-6, Department of the Army
  Mr. Bryan M. Scurry (Biography)
Director of Operations/Technical Director, U.S. Navy
Program Executive Office, Space Systems
  Mr. Dave Ludwig (SES-USA) (Biography)
Deputy PEO C3T
  TUESDAY, 30 October
9:15 a.m. Defense Forum—Homeland Security and Disaster Recovery Interoperability Challenges
As we try to achieve interoperability among the services and coalition forces, the challenge to achieve this same capability among the network of federal, state and local community organizations and agencies appears to be overwhelming. Progress in interoperability improvements achieved since 9/11 as well as anticipated threats and challenges to further improve interoperability will be addressed in this forum.
Dr. Steven P. Bucci, DoD (Biography)
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
Homeland Defense and America's Security Affairs
  BG Peter M. Aylward, USA (Invited) (Biography)
Deputy Director for Antiterrorism/Homeland Defense Joint Staff
  BG Henry C. McCann, DEARNG (Invited) (Biography)
Commander, 261st Signal Brigade
  Mr. Keith J. Masback (DISES) (Biography)
Director–Source Operations Group
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
  RADM Dave Belz, USCG (Ret) (Biography)
Vice President, Strategic Programs, BAE Systems
(Former Assistant Commandant for Operations, USCG)
12:15 p.m. Luncheon and Executive Speaker
Keynote Speaker:  
The Honorable Jeb Bush (Biography)
Former Governor of Florida
2:45 p.m. Defense Forum—Industry Perspectives on Interoperability, Information Assurance Within the Federal, State and Local Civil Agencies
Many of the same interoperability issues plaguing the DoD, HLS & Coalition Forces are shared by their industry partners. This forum of top industry leaders will provide perspectives from the vantage point of sitting on top-level government advisory boards, as well as trying to operate within current government rules, regulation and policies, while focused on meeting the warfighter’s requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner.
Mr. Daniel R. Pearson (Biography)
President, Defense Communications and Electronics Group, Harris Corporation
Mr. Joseph McCarthy (Biography)
Vice President, Communication and Tactical Networks
Network Systems, BAE Systems
  Mr. Dana Mehnert (Biography)
President, RF Communications Division, Harris Corporation
  Mr. Gregory S. Churchill (Biography)
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Rockwell Collins Government Systems
  Mr. Richard (Rick) Baily (Biography)
Vice President and General Manager–C3 Networks
Integrated Defense Systems, The Boeing Company
  Mr. Larry Rhue (Biography)
Sr. Vice President-Strategy
General Dynamics C4 Systems
7:00 p.m. Chairman’s Banquet and Salute to the Military
  WEDNESDAY, 31 October
8:00 a.m. Opening Remarks and Keynote Address
Keynote Speaker:  
Gen Lance L. Smith, USAF (Biography)
Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command/North Atlantic Treaty Organization Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
9:15 a.m. Defense Forum—Coalition and Joint Interoperability: Solving the Policy, Technical, Procedures and Operational Issues
While the challenges to achieve Joint and Coalition interoperability are significant, the building of an Agile Coalition Environment (ACE) must also be obtained. This forum will address ongoing and future efforts designed to ensure interoperability and a shared common battle space awareness to overcome the challenges of persistent combat. In our continuing efforts for freedom around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan, our warfighters will be there for the long haul, involved in winning the hearts and minds of the people in these areas of conflict.
VADM Nancy E. Brown, USN (Biography)
Joint Staff Director–Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems (C4 Systems) (J6)
RADM Kendall L. Card, USN (Biography)
Director–Command Control Systems, NORAD-USNORTHCOM J6
  Maj Gen Alan L. Cowles, (USAF) (Biography)
Director Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems Division (J-6) National Guard Bureau
  BG Mark S. Bowman, USA (Biography)
Director, J-6, U.S. Central Command (Designated)
  Brig Gen David B. Warner, USAF (Biography)
Director–Command and Control Programs, Defense Information Systems Agency
  Brig Gen Bradley W. Butler, USAF (Biography)
Director, Logistics and Warfighting Integration, and Chief Information Officer, Headquarters Air Force Space Command
12:15 p.m. Lunch
Luncheon Speaker:  
Brig. Gen. Randal D. Fullhart, USAF (Biography)
Deputy Chief, Central Security Service
National Security Agency

Note: Speaker confirmations are subject to operational considerations at the time of MILCOM 2007.

Dress Code: Attendee attire for MILCOM 2007 is business casual or uniform of the day for all events; VIP speaker attire is suit/tie (or equivalent for women) for non-military speakers and battle dress uniform for military speakers.